Useful resources and forms

Here are some useful resources for professionals

The MK Levels of Need 2023 document is designed to provide guidance to professionals when they encounter children who they believe may be in need or at risk of harm.  The document aims to clarify the levels of need and the relationship between early help processes and child protection procedure

SAR Referral Form Anyone wishing to submit a case for consideration of a Safeguarding Adult Review should first discuss the case with their agency designated safeguarding lead or the MK Together office. The  MK SAR referral form should then be used to submit the case for consideration.

Multi agency management of children presenting with bruising, bites or suspicious marks - information to assist professionals in their decision-making about appropriate  action to take when they observe a mark on a baby or child.  

Child exploitation indicator tool - The aim of this Indicator Tool is to assist practitioners in exploring exploitation concerns, and outlines actions to take.

Decision Making Tool - the document aims to embed a common understanding of the criteria where Adult Safeguarding applies (the 3 stage criteria) and outlines initial actions according to the abuse type and risk level. Where there is a risk, it is never acceptable to do nothing.

FGM Screening Tool  The screening tool is designed to support professionals to identify and consider risks relating to female genital mutilation.

Neglect screening tool - This screening tool should be used when a professional has concerns that a child or children are at risk of or potentially subject to neglect, and is a straightforward way of testing their concerns against some of the key risk factors associated with neglect.

Multi agency policy concealed and denied pregnancy - The aim of the Policy document is to help professionals identify those who might be at risk of concealing or denying pregnancy to ensure early support and onward referral is in place which will improve the outcome for mother and baby. Professionals should also consider the trauma-informed concealed pregnancy pathway.

Trauma informed concealed pregnancy pathway - Pathway document should be read alongside the above policy, which aims to support professionals to consider what actions to take where they believe an individual may be concealing a pregnancy. 

Information Sharing Support Tool - Partnership guidance to support organisations in their decision-making around information sharing.

Self neglect and hoarding guidance - The aim of this guidance is to assist professionals working with adults where there are concerns relating to self-neglect and hoarding behaviour.

MK competency framework - This joint Milton Keynes Competency Framework is a reference tool that aims to inform the training, learning and developmental needs of staff working in Milton Keynes Adults and Children's Services.

Adults at risk - interagency risk management protocol - The purpose of this protocol is to provide locally agreed principles for shared responsibility and intervention.

Adults at risk - interagency risk management record - Proforma to be used for situations agreed to be Risk Level 2 or 3 as set out in the MK Together Adults at Risk - Inter-Agency Risk Management Protocol

Prevent National Referral Form Referral form to complete if someone has concerns about an individual who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Milton Keynes Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020 to 2025  Milton Keynes Strategy setting out the help and support available to tackle domestic abuse in Milton Keynes