Policies and procedures - adults

Adult Safeguarding policies, procedures and guidance

Adult safeguarding policies and procedures are overseen by the MK Together Safeguarding Partnership and align with the Care Act guidance. The following multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures should be followed by all Milton Keynes practitioners.

Milton Keynes MKTSP Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy

The MK inter-agency safeguarding adults policy was approved for dissemination by the MK Together Safeguarding Partnership Assurance Board in August 2023.

Decision Making Tool

 aims to support a common understanding of the criteria where Adult Safeguarding applies and outlines initial actions according to the abuse type and risk level.

Self neglect and hoarding guidance

This guidance has been developed to assist key stakeholders in their roles to engage in effective multi-agency working in order to maximise positive outcomes. Version 2 was approved by the MK Together Assurance Board on 18 May 2021 and is effective from that date.  Version 2 replaces all previous versions of the guidance, which should be removed from agency systems, or archived.