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Child K CSPR report, published 28 February 2022

Child K, Multi-Agency Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR)

Publication Statement, February 2022 on behalf of the MK Together Safeguarding Partners

“Child K was a vulnerable young person living with a level of independence.

The report recognises that the restrictions of national lockdown had a significant impact on the child and all professionals who worked to support them.

Colleagues across the police, health and social care have worked closely together to identify all possible learning from this case.  This has resulted in positive action across agencies and changes to professional practice and procedures where required.  Significant progress has been made by improving multi-agency information sharing and professional understanding of autism to ensure appropriate support is provided.

The Safeguarding Partners will continue to support and challenge agencies to deliver the highest standards of safeguarding support for children and adults.”

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