FGM Information for Professionals

The FGM screening tool and procedures for professionals in Milton Keynes.

In September 2017 the Royal College of Midwifery released a series of YouTube videos on FGM.  The videos are about 3.5 mins each, not easy to watch, but have been recommended by CCG colleagues, so please take the time if you can:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC33RQaJyF3H5EyVlzY3V3rw?view_as=subscriber


Do you need to clarify your role in relation to FGM Mandatory Reporting?:  http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mandatory-reporting-of-female-genital-mutilation-procedural-information? (via the Serious Crime Act 2015).

 Expectations of professionals in Milton Keynes.  The above Duty includes teachers; qualified teachers or persons who are employed or engaged to carry out teaching work in schools and other institutions.

You will see that the information stated requires you (as a personal duty) to:

Phone the Police non-emergency crime number – 101, if a girl under 18 that you are aware of:

A) Tells you she has had FGM

B) Has signs which appear to show she had undergone FGM

Professionals with concerns should complete the FGM screening tool if required and complete a referral to MASH.

Please note: In addition to complying with the duty, professionals should continue to have regard to their wider safeguarding responsibilities, which require consideration and action to be taken whenever there is any identified or known risk to a child whether in relation to FGM or another matter.

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