Support for Families

Please find a link here  to Milton Keynes Council where you can find further information on the Early Help Services available for children, young people and families.

The link above will provide you with further information on our;

Strengthening Families programme which  “offers advice and support to those families that:

  • have been out of work or training for a long period of time;
  • are struggling to cope with supporting their children to attend school;
  • have had conflict with neighbours;
  • have children who are, or have been, in trouble with the police;
  • experience violence within the home;
  • have had support from social care and are still having difficulties;
  • have physical and mental health problems affected by life choices.

How does the programme work?

You will have a dedicated worker who will support you throughout the process. Where necessary, the support worker will signpost you to other services, such as benefits advice, employment and training support and health services.”

Please email for more information

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and our Children and Families Practices

“Children and Families Practices offer early help services for families with additional or considerable needs. Three teams are based in local areas to ensure that support is more accessible to children, young people and their families.

Alongside the Children and Families Practices, there is advice and support available to families on the following:

  • Children’s Centres
  • Youth Provision
  • Specialist Teachers

CFP Leaflet for Families
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The parent/child relationship is the foundation to keeping children safe and supporting their social development and educational attainment.

Parenting can be a challenging task. Maintaining a positive relationship can sometimes be difficult as children grow and develop and seek an identity that may be different from their own family.

Children and young people have a natural curiosity, which as parents we want to encourage. However, as our children grow up we have to take different steps to ensure their safety.

Currently a number of young girls and boys have been persuaded to leave the county against the wishes of their families, or in secret, putting themselves in extreme danger. Please find here   a leaflet for parents carers detailing how information to support and assist you in ensuring you play a key role in keeping your child safe from radicalisation and extremism.



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