Prevent: National Referral Form

Professionals who are concerned that a MK resident is vulnerable to being radicalised can raise their concerns by completing the Prevent National Referral Form (include link to form) and submit to


Prevent is about safeguarding.

Prevent is about supporting vulnerable people who may be at risk of being radicalised.


If the person you have concerns about is a child, you should also submit a referral to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), using the online Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF), which can be accessed via the Safeguarding People at Risk MK Council webpage.

(Please include a copy of the completed National Referral Form when you submit the MARF.)

You may be invited to attend a Channel Panel meeting to discuss your concerns about the individual.

Channel Panel is a monthly multi-agency forum that discusses vulnerable individuals.

Channel Panel members collectively risk-assess and make decisions about what support and/or intervention should be offered to the individual.

For general Prevent enquiries within Thames Valley, or for advice on completing the National Referral Form, please contact the local Thames Valley Prevent team or the Prevent Gateway Team: or call 01865 555618

The ActEarly website is also a useful source of information about radicalisation.