Inter-Agency Training

Safeguarding training in Milton Keynes

The following safeguarding training is now being offered through the MK Council Leadership and  Governance Team via their training website

  • Basic safeguarding
  • Safer recruitment
  • Everybody’s Business (safeguarding)
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead training
  • Train the trainer (safeguarding)
  • Training for early years sites and childminders
  • Training for school governors
  • Training for mental health leads

To view this training and any related costs you need to access the website and click on the blue “sign up” button. An account will then be created for you.

If you have any queries regarding the above training please email:

“Train the Trainer” and “Everybody’s Business” training events are now being delivered in partnership with MK Council’s Leadership and Governance (L&G) team.  The L&G team has significant experience in delivering training sessions for schools and settings. MK Council’s Leadership and Governance Team is now based in the Galley Hill Centre which is being developed to become a dedicated training and development centre and has the support and IT infrastructure in place to ensure regular delivery of these key courses to our partners across Milton Keynes.



    Induction should be carried within all organisations in Milton Keynes. Part of the induction for new staff must cover the safeguarding children requirements.
    Safeguarding induction is essential to support staff and volunteers to understand how to respond appropriately to any safeguarding children concerns that they may encounter.

    All organisations should have an induction process which includes familiarisation with:

    • The agency’s own safeguarding policy and procedures
    • Inter-agency Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

    At the end of the induction new staff should know what to do if they are worried or concerned about a child, who to talk to in their own organisation to get advice and what to do after seeking advice.


    Staff should be given a mandatory induction, which includes familiarisation with child protection responsibilities and procedures to be followed if anyone has any concerns about a child’s safety or welfare; and

    All professionals should have regular reviews of their own practice to ensure they improve over time.

    The following are a number of resources that can be used within all agencies to ensure that these requirements are being met.


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