Female Genital Mutilation Information for Young People


What is FGM?

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. It’s also known as female circumcision, cutting or sunna.

Religious, social or cultural reasons are sometimes given for FGM. However, FGM is child abuse. It’s dangerous and a criminal offence.

There are no medical reasons to carry out FGM. It doesn’t enhance fertility and it doesn’t make childbirth safer. It is used to control female sexuality and can cause severe and long-lasting damage to physical and emotional health.

Are you a young person worried about FGM? 

There is an app you can download that answers lots of questions you may have…. petals.coventry.ac.uk

There is a website run by young people just for you…..


FGM Everybody’s Business is run by young people for young people to help spot the signs of abuse and help others you think may be at risk. It offers videos and interactive guides to help young people find out about a practice which can have serious consequences for women and girls affected.

Are you worried about you or a friend going away somewhere?  Here is a leaflet you can download to take with you – you can give it to an adult who can help you if you worried. www.orderline.dh.gov.uk

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