Child Sexual Exploitation Information for Children and Young People

If you have any concerns about you or your friends being in an abusive or exploitative relationship there are a number of people with Milton Keynes who can help you. We understand that being groomed or exploited can be a frightening, and difficult time. Nationally, parents regularly express feeling left out of discussions regarding their concerns and often feel powerless, and children and young people say they feel their views are not listened to.

If you have any worries or have information relating to another child or young person it is important that you discuss these concerns with professionals (teachers, nursery workers, police, social care staff, etc), who will be able to advise an appropriate safeguarding response.  The practitioner may use an Exploitation Risk Indicator tool with you to explore the concerns and apply these against key indicators that a child may be being exploited.

There are places that can help you – some links to pages are below…


Barnardo’s – Wud You App for Young People

Thames Valley Police – 101 Non-Emergency Number

If you, a friend or a child you are worried about is at immediate risk of harm please call 999 (Thames Valley Police Emergency Number)

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