Child Death Review

Since April 2008 all Local Safeguarding Children Boards have had a statutory duty to hold a review whenever a child dies. Current Working Together guidance gives this responsibility to the Child Death Review Partners – the Local Authority and the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group.  The MK CDOP is currently reviewing and updating local procedures and practice to ensure compliance with both Working Together guidance and Child Death Review Operational Guidance.

Milton Keynes Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) undertakes a review of each case and compiles an overview of all deaths (excluding those babies who are stillborn) of children up to the age of 18 years who are normally resident in Milton Keynes. This includes neonatal deaths, expected and unexpected deaths in infants and in older children.   Under the local safeguarding partnership arrangements, the panel reports to the MKT Management Board.

The CDOP has a fixed core membership drawn from organisations represented on the MKSB with the flexibility to co-opt other relevant professionals to discuss certain types of death as and when appropriate. The Milton Keynes CDOP is chaired by the Director of Public Health. Click here for CDOP Terms of Reference and membership.

The overall purpose of the child death review process is to understand why children die and put in place interventions arising from our understanding of the issues designed to prevent future deaths. It provides very useful epidemiological data about the clinical, public health, social and economic determinants that influence the health, wellbeing and safety of children in Milton Keynes.

In addition there is a Rapid Response to any sudden and unexpected death of a child (SUDI) in Milton Keynes, both to support the family and professionals involved and to establish whether the circumstances are such that safeguarding or other processes need to be put in place.

Child death notification form 

Any professional wishing to notify the child death review partners of the death of a Milton Keynes child should do so by completing the 2020 Notification Form

Please return the child death notification form to

For further support and information about the Milton Keynes child death review process please contact the MK Together Partnership Support Officer on 01908 254373


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