7th March 2017

Smoke detector advice for parents and carers from Bucks Fire & Rescue

Current advice from Bucks Fire and Rescue in relation to smoke detectors recommends there should be a minimum of one smoke detector on each floor of a property to alert occupants in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire parents and carers should wake children and vulnerable adults so that they can escape from the building.

Further advice on ‘Staying Safe at Home’ is available on the Bucks Fire & Rescue website: http://bucksfire.gov.uk/homes

Bucks Fire and Rescue also offer free home fire safety checks to residents – for more information email: cs@bucksfire.gov.uk

Bucks Fire & Rescue colleagues work closely with smoke detector manufacturers  to keep up to date on fire safety research and if research indicates that the service needs to operate differently they are committed to making sure this happens quickly and consistently.  Similarly, should new research result in new forms of fire alarms becoming available Bucks Fire and Rescue would refresh their advice accordingly.