13th June 2016

Association of Independent LSCB Chairs

Government must manage risks to children during transition to new arrangements.

The launch of a wide ranging public debate about the ways in which we respond to child abuse concerns in England has been welcomed by the Association of Independent Local Safeguarding Children Board Chairs (AILC).

‘Today’s government announcement proposes the biggest shake up in safeguarding children arrangements since the 1970s’, said David N Jones (AILC Chair). ‘The changes in local government, including devolution, and other changes in the children’s services structures, means that new structural arrangements need to be considered.

‘Such fundamental change in multi agency safeguarding partnerships inevitably presents significant risks and opportunities’, David Jones continued. ‘The 100 Independent LSCB Chairs include some of the most experienced child protection professionals in the country. We published our view of the essential elements of effective child protection systems. We will scrutinise the government’s proposals to see whether they match up to our exacting specification.

‘The big challenge for government and for local partnerships will be sustaining an essential focus on today’s child protection challenges whilst sorting out tomorrow’s structures. This will be a 2 or 3 year change process with all the inherent risks that implies. Independent LSCB Chairs will do our best to sustain essential arrangements whilst supporting transition’, David Jones concluded. 

David N Jones


Association of Independent LSCB Chairs